We can see that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is advancing rapidly. This technological innovation has a remarkable impact on work as well as on the way of living. Every day various AI tools and applications are developed and introduced, and they have influenced WordPress. Today, several WordPress AI plugins are available for free and in paid versions. Integration of AI with WordPress has enhanced the performance as well as allows the developers to provide the best output. Let us discuss WordPress AI and how it has improved the WordPress ecosystem.

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What is WordPress AI? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a simulation of human intelligence that is represented by machines. It uses logic and decision-making processes to improve performance and is known as machine learning. When AI integrates with WordPress, it starts working on different aspects of the WordPress ecosystem to provide enhanced WordPress functionality, performance and user experience.  

With the application of Machine Learning (ML), different AI-based data analysis methods and Natural Language processing, WordPress AI makes decisions and predictions and completes the tasks. WordPress AI does several things like customizing content as per the target audience, automating complex jobs and managing different processes. It also plays a crucial role in boosting the SEO of the website. With the WordPress AI plugins, the websites are working much faster, better, and smarter. 

Role of AI WordPress Plugins in Website Functionality and Management

In this section, we will explore the tasks handled by WordPress AI plugins to make the site optimized, dynamic and responsive- 

  • Customized content creation- AI analyzes the data to understand the requirements of the visitors and custom-tailors the content of the website accordingly.
  • Enhance website accessibility- WordPress AI helps in designing websites that are more accessible, and as a result, it creates a reputation of the brand. Many brands are building websites with Text-to-speech feature that helps many visitors to get through.
  • Optimize website SEO- Many AI plugins add suggestions to improve the website to boost the website SEO. These AI-powered plugins optimize the pages, posts and other website structures during the creation. It will save time and increase the visibility of the pages and posts. Since everything is optimized, there are chances for an increase in the number of views and visitors.
  • Personalized suggestions- AI analyze the data available in browsing history and provides recommendations accordingly.
  • Smart Assistance- Many websites are introducing Chatbots that assist visitors in several ways. These chatbots are based on AI and thus provide assistance to resolve the queries raised by the visitors.
  • Spam filtering- Spam content affects the website performance, and AI can be a saviour as it identifies and filters out the spam content.
  • Security- With the help of AI-powered plugins, websites can become more secure. These plugins detect and prevent security threats.
  • Efficient coding- Various AI-powered plugins help coders write code very efficiently. It saves their time while enhancing the website’s performance.

We understand that AI-powered tools and plugins can improve website performance and enhance customer experience. 

There are several WordPress AI plugins available to customize content and design and also in task management. And now, we will explore different WordPress AI plugins that can be the most powerful tools for websites. 

7 Best WordPress AI Plugins of 2024

It is time to explore some of the best AI WordPress plugins that have transformed websites for better customer experience and performance. 

AI Engine

The AI engine helps in developing a customized chatbot, modifying content and images, recommendations for excerpts and titles, and more. It also offers an AI Playground where you can try tasks like translation and add a ChatGPT-style chatbot. AI Engine prepares and manages datasets, which they later use to train new models based on these datasets. 

AI Engine

Key Features: 

  • Easily add a customizable chatbot to your website
  • Use AI Copilot to generate engaging content and images for the website
  • Enhance productivity by creating templates for every task performed
  • Add a Speech-to-Text feature to the website with Whisper API
  • Built-in statistics to keep track of OpenAI usage

Pricing- There are two versions of the AI engine available at different prices- the Free Version and the Pro Version (starts from $49and can go up to $899)

Pros and Cons of AI Engine

Pros of AI Engine Cons of AI Engine
Provide AI-driven content generation, custom-tailored chatbot and images for website Fine-tuning is required to optimize its performance


User-friendly and offers quick navigation through the dashboard Limitations with the free version


Frequent updates available to maintain efficiency  

Best fit for:

Like every other technology, AI Engine provides the best and most optimized solutions for website design and development. AI Engine is the perfect fit for 

  • Generating and Optimizing Content- It helps in enhancing the content quality as per the website requirements. It can write blogs, articles, and more to save time.
  • Creating and enhancing images- You can use it to create visually appealing content using custom graphics, banners and social media images.
  • Customizable Chatbots- To improve the customer experience, the AI Engine can create AI-powered chatbots which are easy to customize.
  • SEO Optimization- One of the most important aspects is to improve the site visit and page visibility. The AI engine will analyze and suggest specific keywords to improve overall SEO performance.


AI integration is improving the quality of the product and its presentation. DiVi AI integrates with the website creation process and allows you to generate incredible images, content and more assets related to the website. An all-in-one AI tool for website creation, and you can directly use it to refine the existing website content. 


Key Features:

  • Generate content for a website in an appropriate context
  • Have easy-to-use prompts and Quick Actions
  • Offer one-click AI content generation for DiVi websites
  • Refines the existing website content
  • Generate unique images

Pricing- DiVi offers a 30-days risk-free trial plan. However, it has certain limitations which can be avoided by purchasing DiVi. The yearly DiVi Plan starts from $89 while lifetime DiVi plans start from $249. 

Pros and Cons of DiVi AI

Pros of DiVi AI Cons of DiVi
Seamlessly integrate into the DiVi WordPress theme which allows easy access, saves time and smoothens the process DiVi AI only works with DiVi, which restricts the other page builders
Only a few clicks to create content, images, codes and more. It lacks technical understanding, so users need to guide the AI for most of its use
Speeds up the website building process  

Best Fit for:

DiVi AI can be used for simplifying the website creation. DiVi has multiple applications, and it is best fit for 

  • Content creators- DiVi can be a valuable asset for content creators as it helps in generating texts, images and codes at a faster pace
  • E-commerce websites- This can improve the presentation of product descriptions, design compelling banners and create custom e-commerce website layouts. \
  • Non-technical business owners- Many people want to create a website for their business but do not have technical knowledge. DiVi AI can help them in creating a brand-specific website.
  • Freelancers- Freelancers can use DiVi AI to create compelling content for different projects simultaneously and save a lot of time.

RankMath SEO

About- This is the first WordPress SEO Plugin to use AI, and it provides a smart solution to optimize the ranking of the website. There are more than one million users of RankMath AI-powered SEO plugins. It helps index the content and manage the appearance of the search engines. It has several advanced features that allow content optimization for better SEO practices. The plugin is easy to use, even a non-technical person can use it.

RankMath SEO

Key Features:

  •       Easy content analysis to identify SEO ranking issues
  •       Clean and simple user interface
  •       Predefined schema types
  •       Dynamic suggestions & intelligent recommendations
  •       Prioritize performance without compromising functionality

Pricing- Both Free and Paid plans for RankMath are available. For paid version, the pricing starts from $7.99 per month

Pros and Cons of RankMath SEO:

Pros of RankMath SEO Cons pf RankMath SEO
Automated suggestions Extensive range of features for beginners that is difficult to explore
User-friend.ly interface and responsive support Compatible with major WordPress themes, but might have issues with certain SEO plugins
In-Built SEO Analytics and Google Analytics Limited customer support for Free version
Advanced schema markup  

Best Fit For:

RankMath is a versatile SEO plugin that can be used for several purposes. Here we have listed the scenarios where RankMath excels- 

  • Small Business websites- With inbuilt features like local SEO, schema markup and social media integration, RankMath can help small businesses in improving their website visibility.
  • Content Creators- RankMath is an ideal SEO plugin for content creators that helps them in the easy optimization of content for search engines.
  • Performance-oriented site owners- If you want a lightweight SEO plugin that won’t slow down your website, RankMath is the perfect choice.
  • E-commerce websites- RankMath offers specific features for e-commerce websites and can help optimize product pages, keyword ranking and more.

Elementor AI Integration

About- It is an innovative step where AI is integrated into the Elementor ecosystem to enhance the website creation and management. It improves various aspects of the websites like content and image creation. This allows the users to generate custom code and easy translation without even doing anything by themselves. 

Elementor AI Integration

Key Features:

  •       Focuses on text generation and enhancement
  •       Assists with custom code generation
  •       Translation in more than 29 languages
  •       Drag-and-drop user-friendly interface

Pricing- There is a free trial available for Elementor 3.13. The Paid version starts from $2.99 per month. You can check the pricing at  https://elementor.com/pricing/

Pros and Cons of Elementor AI

Pros of Elementor AI Cons of Elementor AI
Improves and enhances content creation Limitations in adding AI features to pages
Optimizes images to enhance website performance Limited features in Free version
User-friendly Manual adjustment is required in some cases
Allow the creation of multilingual content  

Best Fit For:

Elementor AI offers excellent features that make it fit for several purposes including- 

  • Content Creators- They can use it to generate engaging content like blogs, articles, landing page copy and more. Its translation feature helps target a global audience with multilingual content on the website.
  • Website Designers and Developers- Elementor AI can help them by streamlining the flow of their work, generating custom code and more.
  •  Non-Profit Organizations- Non-profit organizations can use Elementor AI to create impactful websites so they can convey their mission at the global level.
  •  Marketing Teams- With Elementor AI marketing teams can generate SEO-friendly content, generate social media posts and more.


About- An easy-to-use tool that helps businesses to create an engaging online presence. The prime feature of Voicer is that it converts text into genuine-sounding human-like speech. There are more than 275 voices and 45+ languages. Its neural network is based on Google’s speech synthesis expertise. The use of Voicer can enhance your customer experience as they sound realistic interactions. 


Key Features

  •       Convert text to human-like speech
  •       Improves customer interaction
  •       Supports multiple voices and languages
  •       Easy integration and customization
  •       Works with all themes

Pricing- Voicer is available for $20/license for a year.

Pros and Cons of Voicer

Pros of Voicer Cons of Voicer
Easy and user-friendly setup Limited speech customization
Works in multiple languages No Free is version available
Improves website accessibility and user engagement Affect website speed

Best Fit For:

Voicer can be used for several scenarios including- 

  • Building Interactive Chatbots- If you build a chatbot for your website, Voicer can provide lifelike responses. It can answer customer queries, provide personalized recommendations and more.
  • Dynamically switch between multiple languages- Since Voicer can support over 275 voices and 45+ languages, it can be used to engage an international audience.
  • Creating podcast and audio content- Voicer can generate audio versions of your articles and blog posts and create them into podcasts.
  • E-learning Platforms- Voicer can be used for narrating courses, and quizzes, and make content more engaging.

Jetpack AI

About- The Jetpack WordPress plugin allows easy creation of compelling content. This AI-powered tool helps in creating engaging content while it suggests headlines, creates tables and handles other content creation tasks. It is beginner-friendly friendly that helps in producing quality content that enhances customer interaction.

Jetpack AI

Key Features

  •       Generate compelling content including blog posts, tables, lists or more
  •       Refine complex content
  •       Provide error-free content with deep-grammar check
  •       Recommend title and summary

Pricing- Free version of Jetpack plugin is available for download. Jetpack AI tool is available at $95.40 per year.

Pros and Cons of Jetpack AI

Pros of Jetpack AI Cons of Jetpack AI
Efficient and high-quality content generation Free version available for limited usage
Improves grammar errors and enhances content tone Too many features can make it overwhelming for beginners
Suitable for non-technical person  
Easy to integrate into WordPress Editor  

Best fit for:

Jetpack AI is content enhancing tool and thus has a wider range of applicability- 

  • Bloggers- They can use it to create error-free engaging content within no time. Helps them in attracting more audiences.
  • Multilingual content generation- Jetpack AI can translate content into various languages which results in diverse readers
  • Engaging headings and summaries- Jetpack AI recommend engaging headlines and summaries for your articles, blogs and more.


About- An all-in-one solution that provides multiple channels for communication for a better customer experience when they visit the website. It offers automatic chatbots with templates having multiple functionalities. It has a drag-and-drop editor that allows the creation of chatbot templates from scratch. 


Key Features-

  •       Only one panel to manage all communications
  •       Drag-and-drop visual editor for working with chatbots
  •       Natural language processing (NLP) allows businesses to talk to visitors in real-time
  •       Integrate with over 120+ tools
  •       Live chat feature allows businesses to talk visitors in real-time

Pricing- Free version available for 7-day trial-period. Paid versions start from $29 per month and can go up to $499 per month.

Pros and Cons of Tidio

Pros of Tidio Cons of Tidio
Improves automation sales and customer support with advanced chatbot builder Integration limitation for certain messengers
Easy-to-work interface and management Drag-and-drop interface can become messy if not arranged properly
Live chat feature for upcoming businesses  

Best fit for:

  • Small businesses- They can enhance customer service through live chat functionality
  • Analyst- Tidio offers analytics and reporting features to analyze chatbot performance, leads and more.
  • Businesses planning for automation- The automated chatbots are the main feature and they free up human agents to handle other complex tasks.

Comparison of Top 7 WordPress AI Plugins of 2024

AI Plugin Pricing Ideal For
AI Engine Free Version

Pro Version- starts from $49 and can go up to $899

Content generation, enhancement and optimization and SEO Optimization
DiVi AI Free Version- 30 Days

Pro Version- Yearly Plan starts from $89 while lifetime plans start from $249.

Generating texts, images and codes at faster pace. Creating custom e-commerce website layouts.
RankMath SEO Free Version

Pro Version- Starts from $7.99 per month

Small Businesses websites for improving their website visibility. Content Creators to optimize content for search engines.
Elementor AI Free-trial

Paid version- Starts from $2.99 per month

Content Creators for generating engaging content and translation.

Website Designers and Developers for generating custom code and more.

Voicer $20/license for a year Building Interactive Chatbots. Dynamically switch between multiple languages. Creating podcast and audio content
Jetpack AI $95.40 per year Bloggers and writers to create engaging and interactive content in multiple languages.
Tidio Free version- 7 day-trial

Paid Version- $29 per month and to $499 per month.

Small businesses to enhance customer service through live chat functionality. For analysts as Tidio offers analytics and reporting feature. For automated chatbots are the main feature and it free up human agents to handle other complex tasks.


The right WordPress AI plugin is important if you are planning to build and manage a website with higher success rates. AI has a great impact on technology and thus it also influenced the web development industry. 

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In this article, we have reviewed and compared 7-best WordPress AI plugins and learned how these AI tools and plugins can be used. All these tools are distinct in one or another way, but their roles are unique improving website ranking, enhancing customer engagement and interaction and more. If you love our content to read than don’t forget to share and let us know your feedback in comment section below! Happy Reading. 


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